Ivan D. Margary – Pub. John Baker (1973)

Extract from page 94:

“422 Otterbourne – New Forest (Stoney Cross)

Crossing the Romsey-Southampton road here [Chilworth], it passes behind the Clump Inn, where it was formerly visible, and then diagonally through the fields just south of Chilworth manor. These are now under plough, but the agger can still be traced toards the south-west corner of the western field and into Hazel Copse and Dymers Wood. Beyond Tanner’s Brook it follows the northern side of Clam Copse, and the line is traceable up to the old ruined cottage at Rosehill. From this point it is lost until beyond the River Test, which was probably crossed near Nursling Mill, but the remains of the road are clearly visible again at Shornhill Great Fir Plantation, as a definite agger 18 feet wide, and a belt of white stones is plainly visible across a ploughed field just east of the plantation, on an alignment pointing directly at Nursling Mill. Traces of it have also been recorded in Money Hills Plantation and passing 200 yards south of Copythorne Church in Cadnam.”

The author references J.P. Williams-Freeman (Hants Field Club Proc 7, 34)