Horns Drove Woodland

 In the 1990’s the Parish Council, with the help of a benefactor, purchased this woodland to save it from development and to keep it for wildlife. The purchase was agreed on condition that access would be restricted. Occasional “open days” allow local residents to view the woodland.

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust surveyed the woodland in 1996 and produced a management plan. In 1999 they completed a survey of the Tree and Flora species.

The Parish Council have recently arranged for the Wednesday Conservation Volunteers to help with tasks once a year. In January they will be clearing glades, to provide a different habitat for plants and animals. Some of the more invasive self seeded tree species will be removed and used as dead hedging along the boundary.

Currently two volunteers try to keep an up to date list of all the wildlife and implement the management plan. They would very much appreciate some help. Even helping for one hour would make such a difference. There are a variety of tasks to choose from e.g. trimming back brambles along the path, pulling up or digging up invasive tree seedlings, helping with open days, monitoring the wildlife, or even putting up nest boxes.

Would you like to view the woodland, find out more about its history or help with conservation tasks? If so, please contact the Nursling and Rownhams Parish Clerk: clerk@nandr.org.uk or call  02380 736 766 .